Book your vehicle’s next MOT test at Reynolds RMGMOT today. If your car comes within the MOT scheme and is more than three years old, an MOT test is mandatory once a year.

So, if your car’s MOT is due, choose the small independent business in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, that will ensure your car meets the relevant legal standards – while also providing a reliable service, time after time. Get in touch with us now about your car MOT, servicing or repair needs.

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Tyres Advice & FAQ

There are many great reasons to place your faith in Reynolds RMGMOT when it comes to all things tyres in Southend-on-Sea and Shoeburyness.

We are both suppliers and fitters of tyres from a range of familiar and trusted tyre brands, and make it easy for customers to search our online product database. This, in turn, helps them narrow down and select the tyres that best suit their make and model of vehicle, driving style and budget.

Motorists around Essex also trust us as a source of no-obligation free tyre checks, among other specialised products and services such as TPMS valve servicing and the sale of tyre inflators and pressure gauges.

Yes, we do! Please call 01702 612472 for further information about how we can come to you to fit your desired replacement tyres, or book your appointment with us online.

In some situations, our technicians may recommend that a new tyre is fitted, instead of the existing one being repaired. Examples of this include if there are signs of clear damage or deterioration, such as bead damage or exposed cords, or if a poor-quality repair job was previously done on the tyre.

Another common circumstance leading to a decision to replace rather than repair a tyre, is the tread depth being illegal – in other words, below 1.6mm across the central 75% of the tyre.

Regardless, in each individual instance, our technicians will carefully scrutinise and assess a particular tyre’s condition, before advising in favour of either repair or replacement.

“Flat spots” are badly worn sections of tyre tread that – while not always immediately physically visible – are often noticed by the driver in the form of bumps, thumps and vibrations while they are on the move.

Common causes of tyre flat spots include skidding while braking harshly, or a tyre ‘settling’ into a flatter shape when parked up for an extended period of time. It’s also possible for minor flat spots from previous incidents to gradually worsen.

Regardless of what you suspect might have caused your tyre flat spot, we would always advise you to have it checked out by a reputable garage like ours, as soon as you become aware of it. A flat spot on a tyre is by no means a mere cosmetic issue – it could imperil the integrity of the entire tyre.   

Even if you take every possible measure to maintain and look after your tyre over time, with prolonged and regular use, it will inevitably wear out eventually.

However, there are various strategies you can adopt to help slow down your tyres’ rate of wear. These include ensuring your tyres are always at the correct pressure and alignment, as well as reducing the strain on the tyres by emptying the boot.

Another ‘common sense’ measure is to simply take particular care while driving. That means avoiding aggressive acceleration, harsh braking, fast cornering and bumps or scrapes that could potentially damage your tyres and knock your vehicle’s wheels out of alignment.