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MOT & Major Service

When it comes to sheer convenience as a motorist, there’s nothing quite like being able to book your annual service and the MOT test for your car for the same date. And sure enough, here at Reynolds RMGMOT, we’ve got the perfect joint deal for you, combining our most comprehensive available servicing option with the MOT – thereby allowing you to save time, money and hassle.

We’re a small, family-owned neighbourhood garage with the time to care. Wherever you are in Southend-on-Sea, Shoeburyness or wider Essex, this combined plan is a great one for giving you and your family peace of mind, ensuring that your vehicle is as safe as possible, while also meeting minimum legal standards for roadworthiness.

Servicing Checklist

Here’s what you can expect to receive when you have your car serviced at RMG MOT:

Type of service Engine Oil & Filter Change Interim Service Full Service
When As often as required 6 months or 6,000 miles 12 months or 12,000 miles
Vehicle Interior
Check instruments, gauges, warning lights
Check horn
Check windscreen wipers
Check Adblue/Eolys warning light
Check interior lights
Check clutch operation (manual only)
Check seat belts
Reset service light
Check climate control/air con system
Check engine diagnostic codes
Hybrid system diagnostic check (hybrid only)
Vehicle Exterior
Check exterior lights & lamps
Check doors - operation and condition
Check boot - operation and condition
Check fuel cap - operation and condition
Check mirrors - operation and condition
Pre Alignment Check
Check steering, suspension linkages and ball joints for wear, damage and condition
Suspension - check shock absorbers & springs
Full tyre inspection (tread, pressure & alignment check)
TPMS inspection

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MOT Advice & FAQ

According to UK law, an annual MOT test is required for every car aged over three years old. The purpose of an MOT test is to determine whether a given vehicle meets certain minimum roadworthiness requirements set out by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

The MOT test itself essentially takes the form of a visual inspection of the tested car.

It is possible to arrange an MOT test for your car for a date up to 28 days before your due date, while retaining that date for the next year.

This would mean that if, for instance, your MOT expiry date is 28th May 2021, you could have the MOT done as early as 1st May 2021, and your MOT expiry date for the following year would still be 28th May 2022.

It only typically takes about 45 minutes to an hour for an MOT test to be completed. You can simply leave your car at our Southend MOT test centre, and when it is ready, we will call you.

In the event of the car requiring additional repairs, we will let you know before getting on with the work, providing you with an upfront quote. The amount of time this further work will take will depend on what exact repairs are carried out

A wide range of components are checked on a car undergoing an MOT test. These include such key elements as its lights, electrical equipment, steering, suspension, brakes, tyres, seat belts, body, exhaust system, and the driver’s view of the road.

If your previous MOT has expired, you are only permitted to drive the car directly to the garage for its MOT test, or to and from somewhere it will be repaired. If the police stop you on the way there, you must be able to show them proof of an appointment booked at the garage.

A car lacking a valid MOT signifies that it has not been judged in legal terms to be safe to drive. If, therefore, the authorities discover that you have been driving without one and the above exceptional circumstances do not apply, you could be fined as much as £1,000, in addition to your vehicle being impounded. Driving without a valid MOT would also invalidate your car insurance.

What’s involved in a Major service and MOT from Reynolds RMGMOT?

An MOT is a test of road safety and environmental standards that certain vehicles need to undergo each year. If your car is one of those that must get an MOT, or the expiry date of its current MOT is nearing, don’t hesitate to call us – on 01702 612472 – for further information about this popular, and great-value, joint plan.

As for our Major service, if you’re looking for a car servicing option that covers all of the same essential maintenance aspects as our highly rated Interim and Full services, and more besides, this is it. More specifically, this service puts an extra emphasis on the checking of certain car parts that drivers are often advised to have replaced every two years, such as the hydraulic fluid and cabin filter.

This is the joint car servicing and MOT plan to go for if you wish to be truly proactive and vigilant in looking after your car, including the identification of parts that may be at particular risk of imminent failure, and that therefore most urgently need to be replaced. It’s also a highly affordable plan, even relative to its comprehensiveness.

Reach out to us now to find out more about the various possibilities for car servicing and repair at Reynolds RMGMOT, or book your combined Major service and MOT with us online today.